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Kurt Loder’s “Thor” Wields the Mighty Hammer of Reason

In response to Kurt Loder’s 549‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Reason Online

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Kurt Loder’s “Thor: The Dark World and About Time” ( seems hell bent on finding the most disparate of films to review side by side) offers extraordinarily reasoned analysis, bringing logic to bear in an arena where the word “logic” is a four-letter word, Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World.

It’s a curious thing to watch a thinking man, writing for a magazine devoted to the art of reason, tackle a superhero film. By the end, Loder is left with a bald spot from all the head-scratching (the film’s enemy is a “hovering puddle of digital goo??”).

But he acknowledges all the silliness and tries, with varying degrees of success, to work within the film’s logic. The prose, as would be expected, is studious, but Loder manages to inject a little humor into the proceedings and he’s quite successful. Mind you, this is humor you might overhear in the cafeteria at MIT, which may fly over the heads of some, but will delight most readers whose IQ is bigger than their shoe size.

The critiques are fresh and are presented with clarity and simplicity. Loder’s proven himself a potent force in the world of film critique and this is but another example of his continued excellence.    

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