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Charlotte O’Sullivan’s “3D—Film Review” Is All About the Bad Boys

In response to Charlotte O'Sullivan’s 406‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on This is London

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In Charlotte O’Sullivan’s “Thor: The Dark World 3D—film review” the reader finds an obsession with the bad guy.

O’Sullivan is unabashed about certain prejudices toward characters in the movie Thor: The Dark World.  Using unflattering descriptors to label the usual favorite lead, Chris Hemsworth, leaving all the flattery for Tom Hiddleston is a bold choice for this type of a review.

This short piece has two main focal points. Plot summary and citations of specific Hiddleston outbreaks of awesome. Around each turn the reader may believe that the focus is about to shift off the actor who plays Loki. This is never the case. The rather obvious obsession with this acting professional lingers throughout the entire review.

The writing is quick and fast paced, making the read flow smoothly. The wit involved to describe several scene summaries is full and vivacious, eliciting several moments of laughter. Chuckles soon dissipate however as attention turns back to Hiddleston.

Even the picture chosen at the start of the review has an emphasis on the character Loki, rather than the hero in which the film was named after, Thor.

Loving the bad guy makes this review an unconventional one.    

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