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Chris Vognar’s “An Old Codger…” Shaky but Steadfast

In response to Chris Vognar’s 528‑word review of Nebraska on Dallas Morning News

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Chris Vognar’s “An old codger chases a bogus fortune in the quietly funny masterpiece ‘Nebraska’ (A)” is a slightly stilted narrative on an already rugged subject. But while not the smoothest journey in the world, it delivers the audience successfully to their destination.

The flow is far from smooth. However, it’s likely intentional to mirror the tone of this subject it’s based off of. Vognar trudges through his narrative with the machine-like pace of a man with purpose. Unfortunately, the machine is old and rusted, much like a central character in the premise. But also like that character, the machine was built to last and indeed it chugs relentlessly as it completes its task. Along the way, it emits a certain charm the audience will surely appreciate. It hearkens back to a simpler time, and a more direct way of doing things.

Vognar wastes little time with unnecessary embellishments or irrelevant background details. He hones right in on the meat of his subject and dissects it with the aptitude of a seasoned biology teacher. On occasion, his verbiage borders on excessive, but the message is delivered with the accuracy of a sniper bullet. Hence, the audience gets a refreshingly nostalgic straight-shooting account of the situation, that feels like it came from a generation when flash wasn’t nearly as important as purpose.

“They don’t make‘em like they used to”, but this piece comes darn close. It would be nice if similar works could take a page out of this author’s book.    

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