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Lori Hoffman’s “Space Odyssey” Ends Abruptly but Is Reborn With Quotes

In response to Lori Hoffman’s 588‑word review of Gravity on Atlantic City Weekly

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Lori Hoffman starts off strong in “Space Odyssey,” but eventually drifts off into a land of anecdotes and quotes.

The initial appearance of Space Odyssey is pleasing to the eye. There is a solid image header and the paragraphs look well constructed. One will be excited for the possibilities.

Space Odyssey then opens with a strong statement by Lori Hoffman, covering the essentials in a well-constructed paragraph. The following three sections are more of the same, but without any humor or personal touch. Hoffman appears to be leading the reader somewhere, perhaps to a larger understanding of the film and techniques, however the review ends, or at least it seems that way.

“Gravity is the best film of the year to date,” is a colossal statement, and one might feel like a joke is being played on them. Is there more? Is Hoffman just getting started? The critic precedes the statement with a solid plot summary, but little personal opinion.  

Lori Hoffman does indeed continue on in Space Odyssey, however the critic looks at the back-story of Sandra Bullock. The anecdotes are interesting, but mainly consist of quotes that takes up the entirety of the “review.”

Space Odyssey is one of the strangest reviews available.    

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