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Tom Long’s “Remains the Dullest” Reflects Dark World for Film Criticism

In response to Tom Long’s 529‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Detroit News

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If one can deal with whining and complaining for several paragraphs, then Tom Long’s latest work “Review: With Dark World, Thor remains the dullest of Marvel superheroes,” is for you.

The problem with Tom Long’s work over recent weeks is that he will write seriously when he wants to. If the critic is less than thrilled about a film, then he takes the disinterested approach and offers the reader nothing. Dark World is one of those reviews.

One can admire Long’s concern for the future of cinema in remains the dullest, but offering the readers vague statements with no substance certainly does nothing for the world of film criticism. Critique first, and then close out with a personal commentary. Discuss characters, plots and directorial techniques for the loyal audience even if you don’t necessarily want to. Do something that resembles actual film criticism. How much mumbo jumbo can one take?

Tom Long makes statements like “The story? Well, here’s an attempt,” which are completely played out. The disinterested approach does nothing for the case of the critic, and he seems to believe that he is injecting some type of pseudo-bravado into the work. Don’t attempt. DO.

There is a glimmer of light at the end of remains the dullest, but it’s ultimately a big joke on the reader.    

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