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Keith Phipps’s “Escape Plan” Has Both Muscle and Brain

In response to Keith Phipps’s 624‑word review of Escape Plan on The Dissolve

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It’s easy to dismiss a film that doesn’t try to be anything more than a fun action movie, and many critics would do exactly that. Keith Phipps, however, reviews Escape Plan on its own terms in a review that is refreshingly free of condescension.

Not every moviegoer is an action movie fanatic, though, and for those who aren’t there is scant mention of what doesn’t work with the film. Phipps overall rating for the film isn’t exactly through the roof, so it would be nice to know his reasons for deducting some stars on the five-star scale.

For those who revel in the genre conventions at play, though, Phipps’s review will hit all the right notes. Phipps knows what makes a fun action movie, and he makes sure to focus on those points. From the chemistry of the actors to how bad-ass they look holding machine guns, Phipps’s descriptions of the film are sure to make action lovers smile.

Nobody is going into Escape Plan expecting to see Citizen Kane, and Phipps recognizes that. He is a master of the genre film review, bringing a light touch to the subject. While Phipps’s “Escape Plan” may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is much more likely to be their shot of energy drink.    

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