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Cole Smithey’s “GRAVITY” Is a Less Than Stellar Effort

In response to Cole Smithey’s video review of Gravity on

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Cole Smithey’s “GRAVITY” is a bit of a letdown. For Smithey fans there is a simple joy of anticipation when the understated jazz introduces a new week’s review from the self-proclaimed smartest film critic in the world. This time out, Smithey lets his fans down with a less than insightful look at Gravity.

While some simple mistakes can be completely forgiven when committed by lesser critics, when you’re calling yourself the smartest film critic in the world, you had better check your facts. Smithey ends up with egg on his face when her refers to co-screewriter Jonas Cuaron as the brother, instead of the son, of director Alfonso Cuaron. This type of credibility-reducing gaffe is exactly what Smithey’s personal branding forbids him from committing.  

While Smithey does gain momentum when comparing and contrasting the achievements of Sandra Bullock to those of Alfonso Cuaron, his voice plays on top of increasingly quick cuts featuring unrelated footage from the film, each on screen for a fraction of a second. The effect is distracting and ineffective. When the video slows down, it’s only to showcase increasingly repetitive footage.

The review shifts gears from the ineffective to the cheesy as it nears it’s conclusion. When Smithey, for the first time in seven minutes, injects a bit of personality into his voice acting says “Against her… against us” it will have every viewer rolling their eyes before shutting the screen down.    

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