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Tony Stamp’s “Review: Counselor” Has a Touch of Miami Vice

In response to Tony Stamp’s 294‑word review of The Counselor on

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Tony Stamp’s latest creation, “Review: The Counselor,” is by no means essential reading, however the critic surprises with a short but powerful work that chooses critique over summary.

Visually, Review: Counselor has got it going on and some readers may right click the Fassbender header image to use as a social media profile picture. The webpage has a Miami Vice quality, which is always a bonus.

Stamp only writes five paragraphs in Review: Counselor but the entire composition is filled with analysis. Unfortunately, the length doesn’t allow the critic to break new ground with his critique, and he certainly doesn’t say much about the direction of Ridley Scott. The reader will also notice a troubling lack of character analysis.

Review: Counselor achieves a small victory for its ability to entertain the reader with little niblets of critique. Stamp covers themes such as script, plot, acting and metaphors but only on a basic level. If the webpage didn’t look so cool then one might choose to find another review. Fortunately for Stamp, his supreme coolness says “Hey, this is what I got. You’ll read it and you will enjoy it.”

Review: Counselor delivers on a small level,  but it is ultimately too cool to provide a comprehensive analysis.    

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