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Kurt Loder Takes the Didn’t Like/No Critique Approach in “The Counselor”

In response to Kurt Loder’s 483‑word review of The Counselor on Reason Online

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Legions of fans will be torn up inside after reading the latest work by Kurt Loder, “The Counselor.” The critic appears to be improving his subtle style of snark, but the idea of critique has taken a back seat.

Loder’s The Counselor is too thin to be taken seriously. One seeks our Loder’s work to find a detailed analysis of a film, regardless of opinion, however the critic takes the easy road by noting the plot summary for the entirety of the review followed by one concluding paragraph of critique. There is little style to keep the reader entertained, and the uninspired humor can be found in any weak review.

The opening statement of Loder’s The Counselor is clear, if nothing else. Loder makes the first of several references which appears to be the substitute for a comprehensive breakdown of the film. Most readers will be curious as to why the modern critic can give up so easily if the film doesn’t make a mark. Surely, the world of critique would be less than stellar if all critics only gave an effort for their favorites, and refused to provide the reader with a complete review for each film.

After the four paragraphs of plot summary, Loder concludes with vague statements that fail to address Scott’s direction, character analysis or anything at all for that matter. The final line about windshield sex closes out almost review, and this lazy piece of work is no different.

Loder’s The Counselor brings nothing new to the table and what it does bring is underwhelming and disappointing.    

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