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The Nash Brothers’ “Kick Ass 2” Captivates Readers in Stunning Double Feature

In response to Scott Nash’s 1286‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Three Movie Buffs

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Scott Nash’s “Kick Ass 2” is an action-packed, double feature smash hit. That’s right folks—this isn’t just one review but actually a 2-for-1 deal. Scott Nash’s review is followed up by his older brother Eric Nash’s take on the film.

First up on the block is Scott Nash. He tackles this film with a fresh perspective and dissects what he feels are the important parts to share with the readers. He keeps a consistent, analytical tone throughout his review and never lets up. The vernacular twists and turns leads the readers to a conclusion that sums up his thoughts very well and does well to not leave the reader questioning his critique.

Immediately following this riveting review is the second of the Nash brother writers, Eric. Here the reader is briefly reminded of brother Scott’s review as Eric uses it to begin his own review. Don’t fret though—he has his own views and own opinions and, luckily, his own writing style. He delves deep into the characterizations throughout the film. Perhaps a little too deep at times, as can be seen with his tendency to reveal more spoilers than his brother in the first feature.

Speaking of spoilers, *meta-spoiler review* Eric Nash’s conclusion is preempted by a soliloquy of current affairs and how this movie plays into them. While it is an interesting route to take, it veers dangerously close to losing sight of the finale. He does manage to bring it back—but just barely.

This is an absolute must-read for anyone who enjoys reviews that present two varying voices that work well together.    

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