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Christy Lemire’s “Gravity” Is Out of This World

In response to Christy Lemire’s 815‑word review of Gravity on

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Christy Lemire is a prolific critic, contributing regularly to a number of sites, including the esteemed It is no surprise, then, that “Gravity,” her review of the film by the same name, is as expertly crafted as one would expect from someone who has spent so much time in the critic’s chair. “Gravity” is the work of a confident, assured critic and earns every word of its 815-word length.

“Gravity” is smitten without being abrasively fawning, adoring without being smothering. It is a tough feat to pull off, and it takes a top-tier critic to do so. Lemire is more than up for the job, though, providing a review that balances facts with opinion, analysis with emotion.

It’s not entirely flawless. There is a bit of a spoiler that Lemire tries to pass off as not-really-a-spoiler, but she does an unconvincing job of that to anyone who realizes that yes, she wrote the review after seeing the movie and knows exactly what will happen, rather than just having some gut feeling based on the film’s dialogue.

Fighting spoilers for Gravity is an uphill battle by this point, though, and Lemire’s is considerably more subtle than those to be found elsewhere, so ultimately it does not ruin what is an elegant, well-crafted review.    

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