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Greg Evans Is the Posterboy for Uninspired Effort in “Dark World”

In response to Greg Evans’s 143‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Bloomberg News

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In the last sentence of Greg Evans’s agonizing work, the “Dark World” portion of “Thor Hammers Dark Elves; ‘Thief’ Twists Nazi Story: Film,” the critic references a performance that he feels is “dozy” and uninspired.” One will surely laugh out loud at the devastatingly ironic statement.

Dark World bring little to the table, and leaves the reader starving. Evans serves up two paragraphs of summary and two sentences of critique. The effort is offensive and shows little respect for the audience. Perhaps the work will be a huge success on a planet where readers simply read without thought and don’t see films.

The main character (Thor) and actor (Chris Hemsworth) are completely neglected by Evans in Dark World, as he resorts to the all too familiar physical appearance pun, and only that.

The critic must be extremely busy, because the analysis has gone missing and no one seems to care. The audience will learn that Alan Taylor directed the film but Evans seems unaware that Thor nerds, and most people for that matter, are curious as to what a director accomplishes with their work.

Dark World has no business in the world of film criticism. Please skip this brief concoction of words and periods.    

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