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Eric D. Snider Is the Eminem of Film Criticism in “Grand Finale”

In response to Eric D. Snider’s 878‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Twitch

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Eric D. Snider shoots mighty arrows of zingers consistently throughout his latest work, which may be more memorable than the epic title: “Review: THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE Kicks It Up A Notch, Sets the Stage For A Grand Finale.” One may acknowledge Snider as the Eminem of film criticism due to his pop culture takedowns.

Snider brings the literary heat immediately in Grand Finale. The opening paragraph is much more than your typical bore, and offers a bit of fun as Snider makes reading-related puns and takes a shot at American Idol.  Although the joke is not high-quality, it certainly can be enjoyed by most.

The humorous critic proves to be a gentleman of film criticism by truly focusing on analysis. Early statements such as “groundwork is important” help one understand the quality of the film, and Snider continuously builds on his argument. The deep understanding of the book help drive home the points, and the insight could inspire many curious readers to visit Barnes & Noble.

Grand Finale is an entertaining read, and Snider offers much to think about from paragraph to paragraph. He doesn’t spend too much time on J-Law, but that’s certainly forgivable given the overall quality of the review. A noteworthy slam on Entertainment Weekly is a surprise, and Snider writes with bravery throughout.

Snider may be regarded as the latest song and dance man of film criticism due to his work, and his loyal fans will grin with delight.    

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