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Blake Howard’s “REVIEW: KICK-ASS 2” Does to the Film What Its Title Merely Suggests

In response to Blake Howard’s 460‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on 2UE That Movie Show

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Blake Howard’s “REVIEW: KICK-ASS 2 (Jeff Wadlow—2013)“ is a thrill ride from start to finish. With each paragraph there is a palpable sense of irritation, that culminates with what could only be described as pure annoyance on the part of the critic.

When a critic totally sways your opinion in one direction or another they have won. In the case of Blake Howard he verbally decimates Kick-Ass 2, stomping the ashes and salting the Earth that the film rested upon. Very few readers will be able to withstand the sheer force that is REVIEW.

The barbaric critic bashes every awful cliche that the filmmakers though to include in the film. Tearing down each and every aspect of the film that was of lesser quality then its predecessor. If you listen close enough you can hear babies crying off in the distance. To say Howard was disappointed in this film wouldn’t even place that notion in the same realm as understatement.

It’s fun to see pure unadulterated disgust sometimes, and here is the perfect specimen for it. There was maybe one tiny bit of praise thrown in the film’s direction during the review; everything really felt like a dirge to the original film. This is less of a review an more of an obloquy, or an entertainingly acerbic read for the cynical amongst us.    

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