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Michael Smith Is the Newest Film Criticism Baddie in “REVIEW: Thor”

In response to Michael Smith’s 737‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Tulsa World

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Shrinking paragraphs? Michael Smith maintains a steady structure in, “REVIEW: Thor: The Dark World,” and swiftly glides through his analysis as the paragraphs get smaller and smaller. The critique is fair, but Smith’s lack of enthusiasm is evident throughout.

REVIEW: Thor waves a finger of fury at the film, and anyone over the age of fifteen who might enjoy it. Smith’s opening statement is powerful, and Joe Q. Reader may briefly acknowledge the critic as “The Tulsa Hammer.”

The crisp writing is glorious in REVIEW: Thor, but the tone is of one who has seen the true horror of cinematic darkness and is now unable to provide a comprehensive critique. One can appreciate the style of the critic, but the thin paragraphs don’t allow the reader to become a part of the experience.

Each paragraph of REVIEW: Thor is potent, but Smith gives little effort when it comes to the characters or director Alan Taylor. A substantial look at the pros and cons can only bolster one’s argument, but Smith appears to be too disgusted. One may gasp when the critic admits that he hoped poor Jane would be killed off.

REVIEW: Thor is a dynamic creation, but slowly fizzles out like an uninspired critic.    

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