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Rex Roberts’s “Film Review: The Counselor” Is a Masterwork of Ambivalence

In response to Rex Roberts’s 722‑word review of The Counselor on Film Journal International

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Rex Roberts’s Film Review: The Counselor conveys its reviewmaker’s tortured feelings with skillfully executed storytelling and elegant prose. Simply put, it is a masterpiece of the mixed-but-mostly-bad review genre—a true must read for any fans of Roberts.

Roberts sets the scene beautifully by introducing a complex web of characters and placing them in a setting that keeps the faithful reader on the edge of their seats from the opening quote.

His characters are as unique as they are compelling. The reader meets Cormac McCarthy, the eccentric but talented scribe with the rich history of success. There’s Ridley Scott, a brilliant director with a closet full of Oscars and a heart full of confidence. The audience learns that when this odd couple team up with a cast of bright-shinning stars, nothing can go wrong. And of course, everything does.

Roberts’s Review The Counselor details their hubristic tumble into mediocrity with all the human touch needed to render these characters into real people with real lives. Best of all is the way he resists the urge to dwell on plot details that would spoil the review. If you are a true lover of reviews do yourself a favor and read Rex Roberts’s work immediately.

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