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Lou Lumenick’s “Furnace” Heats Up, Then Ends Abruptly

In response to Lou Lumenick’s 553‑word review of Out of the Furnace on New York Post

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When you reach the end of Lou Lumenick’s “‘Out of the Furnace’ fires blanks,” you may be tempted to scroll down and find the rest of the review.

Don’t bother.

 That abrupt, unsatisfying closer is how Lumenick chose to put the exclamation point, or, in this case, half-hearted period on his review.

It’s a shame because everything that led up to it was solid and even had moments that flirted with greatness. It’s a bit like going on a date with a beautiful woman only to get to the end of the night and discover an, ahem, The Crying Game situation.

Lumenick’s prose is no shocker, though. It’s the same terse, well-paced writing fans have come to love and admire in his work. There’s very little in terms of extra fat here and the critic fires off his critiques in short little literary bursts that make them light and highly digestible for modern readers used to quick hits.

Casey Affleck is “annoying,” and Zoe Saldana has “little to do,” while Sam Shepherd and Forest Whitaker “are on hand strictly to lend gravitas to a film that’s already extremely heavy going.”

To fully enjoy this one, stop reading before the last paragraph. You’ll get all the good stuff and you won’t feel like you’ve fallen off a cliff.    

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