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Rob James’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” Stays Hungry

In response to Rob James’s 682‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Total Film

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“The Wolf of Wall Street” is Rob James’s latest and offering and one that is sure to garner much praise. It features a wonderfully original setup and follows it up with a truly captivating, all-encompassing and well-balanced assessment of the subject.  

This piece ensnares the reader’s attention immediately, and in a very clever manner. James introduces the audience to the subject with clever references to elements related to the subject it’s based on, without shifting focus away from the subject itself. That in alone is commendable, given the risk of deterring one’s attention away completely. After walking this tightrope, he proceeds to explore the deepest darkest recesses of the premise with the reckless abandon of a spelunker without a helmet light. And somehow, he manages to escape not only unscathed, but with an armload of treasure to boot. Each plot embellishment is a delight, each descriptive colorful and each opinionated observation poignant through and through this piece. The result is an extremely convincing argument that reinvigorates the source material more dramatically than the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Not that the author necessarily has the chips stacked against him going in—the subject is polarizing but not inaccessible. Thus, a mix of opinionated diatribe showcasing the elements and plot points of the subject would likely be sufficient here. But the author doesn;t settle for the status quo. He takes it so much further that it becomes a conversation piece in itself. Audiences will be discussing and debating over this piece long after the final passage is perused and questioning its validity as thoroughly as the quality of its inspiration.

There is a saying in the entertainment field: “any publicity is good publicity”. Assuming that’s true, there is sure to be a lot of positive buzz about this piece in the weeks to come. And the author deserves every bit of it.    

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