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Quality Writing Is Realized in Leonard Maltin’s “‘Ender’s Game’”

In response to Leonard Maltin’s 402‑word review of Ender’s Game on Leonard Maltin's Picks

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Leonard Maltin’s “‘Ender’s Game’” is a short, stellar read that is sure to satisfy a wide reading audience. Maltin pens the review with great insight and language skills, and he manages to retain the initial appeal of the review with vivid summary and description throughout.

Maltin has a strategic mind with killer verbal instincts. He provides necessary information alongside opinion. He also crafts the review into a careful prose movement that instantly and consistently engages and entertains.

Maltin’s shift into first-person voice with later paragraphs that are focused on opinion is nothing short of awesome. He presents as a writer keenly aware of creativity,  intuitively concerned with creating a personable vibe that resonates with readers.

The setting of Maltin’s Ender’s Game is adequate and unhampered by production design, which allows the emotional and intellectual quotients of the piece to shine. Better yet, Maltin’s language propels forward momentum, driving word-first into meaningful, contextual, and beautifully streamlined analysis.

Readers may only wish that Maltin had fleshed things out a little more, which might have resulted in a truly extraordinary review.  As it is, Maltin has created a piece that never fails to maintain the attention of the reader, making his review cohesively excellent, worthy of readership, and granted a solid “A” for quality.    

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