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Brian Orndorf’s “Escape Plan” Is a Mixed Bag

In response to Brian Orndorf’s 785‑word review of Escape Plan on

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Brian Orndorf’s piece, “Escape Plan”, is frustratingly uneven and struggles to find a cohesive thread that readers can latch onto.

That Orndorf is a good writer is abundantly clear. Surprisingly clever turns of phrase crop up frequently, but they are surrounded by gangly, awkwardly formed sentences that need rereading to understand, making this effort a bit like being locked up; there are some days when the sun shines in your cell, you get that extra piece of corn bread on your tray, and Bubba is busy elsewhere, but, on the whole, you wish you weren’t there and you’re wondering when you can leave.

Orndorf pins a six out of ten on Escape Plan, and deserves credit for getting right to the point, giving his view in the first sentence: the film is entertaining, but “it’s rarely fun in a throw down, screen-go-boom type of way”. He praises the two leads, giving them kudos for their “glaring contests” and “playfulness”, while taking jabs at the rest of the cast for mailing in their performances.

He backs up his arguments well, relying on some choice one-liners to nail down his points, but, sadly, it’s not enough to parole the rest of the work, keeping this one securely in the slammer.    

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