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Jeff Beck Brings Greek Critique Technique to “The Furnace”

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Jeff Beck has seen the horror of the modern half-assed review, and refuses to be clumped into such a group with his highly intellectual “Movie Review: Out of the Furnace.”

Beck rises above review mediocrity by channeling ancient Greek thinkers to produce a new style of critique called “Beck’s Own Greek Thinkin’ Critique. “ 

The Furnace is captivating from the first sentence as Beck gently pokes the reader and seems to be saying “Hey, pay attention.” The casual reader may feel submissive to the critic, while review scholars will surely tilt their head and contemplate the snappy intro.

Beck transitions back and forth from plot summary to analysis in The Furnace, and the feeling is spectacular. The critic is most certainly committed to the piece, and slowly details out the general story while noting the pacing and character flaws of the film. It’s ultimately a story of rushed filmmaking and useless characters.

The lead performances are handled with care in The Furnace, and Beck shows a deep understanding of the audience’s needs. The critic’s piercing thoughts on the editing and irritating storytelling will likely be jotted down by aspiring scholars to study throughout the day.  

Jeff Beck’s The Furnace will make one want to bust out their best air guitar for hours at a time.    

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