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John Wirt’s “Engaging Second ‘Hobbit’” Is Short on Analysis

In response to John Wirt’s 598‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA)

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John Wirt’s “Engaging Second ‘Hobbit’ does not disappoint” gets off to a promising start. And then, like coming to the end of a high cliff, it drops off, plummeting the reader to the depths of plot synopsis where film analysis goes to die.

It’s a common critic’s trap, spending too much time talking abut what the film is about and not how good or bad the movie is, and why. Wirt falls off the cliff here, and it’s unfortunate for a critic known for quality reviewing.

It’s not that the film storytelling is poorly written here; its actually written quite well. One could do far worse than read this descriptive piece. Then again, if one just wants to know what the story line is, plot synopsis is part of the movie’s marketing.

The audience who comes to this review to learn about the quality of the movie will be disappointed. Sure, Wirt starts by calling the film a “visual feast and technical marvel.”  But after that, it’s not until the end of the piece where any real additional film analysis comes into play.

And it’s a shame, because this critic has shown repeatedly that he has much to offer in the way of film analysis. Unfortunately, it is not on display here.    

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