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Nigel Andrews Asks You to Think About Other Films in “Review: Nebraska”

In response to Nigel Andrews’s 382‑word review of Nebraska on Financial Times

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Are Nigel Andrews and Bruce Dern Facebook pals? Audiences will undoubtedly say “Yes” after reading the three-paragraph VagueFest that is “Review: Nebraska.” Unfortunately, the piece won’t receive many “likes” other than from the Dernster himself.

Nigel Andrews asks the reader to think about other films at the end of Review: Nebraska, which is a fantastic way to close out a sub-par review on a mildly intriguing note. The reader will undoubtedly whisper “Wow…this guy has seen some films,” but unfortunately it’s not entirely clear if Andrews has actually seen Nebraska in its entirety.

The writing of Nebraska: Review may be enough to satisfy the financial crowd, as it is exquisite and crisp. The keystrokes of Andrews are like modern Mozart, but perhaps later years Mozart given the flimsy content. One may want to check out the hair of Andrews to make sure its in order and not a frazzled mess, which is all the rage for mad geniuses.

Andrews succeeds in Nebraska: Review by informing his fans that people are indeed in the film. Oh, and good ol’ Bruce Dern is just fantastic!

In the closing paragraphs of Review: Nebraska, the writing becomes rushed and Andrews appears to want the experience to be over with. Dern is good, folks, and you’ll just have to trust Andrews when he says so. The critic appears to be saying “You gotta believe me, you just gotta!”

Nebraska: Review is not for the thinking man, but rather for one who is bored on the subway and looking for something mildly entertaining on their iPhone.    

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