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Nick Nunziata’s Snakelike ““Review: Thor—The Dark World” Charms

In response to Nick Nunziata’s 752‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on CHUD

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In “Review: Thor—The Dark World”, author Nick Nunziata delivers a very coherent, extremely alliterative and imaginative analysis of his subject. And whether one agrees with the author’s approach, the finished work is undeniably respectable.

The author weaves in and out of the central theme perpetually throughout this work. And while this typically makes for a turbulent read, the subtlety Nunziata employs makes it as smooth to ingest as ice cream on a hot summer day. There is a method to his madness, and while slightly unconventional, it works for him. Never dwelling too long on either journalistic investigation or opinionated ranting, he fluctuates between the two in ebbs and flows, resulting in a soliloquy that is as soothing and as satisfying as waves on a beach.

Reading this passage is like treating the mind to a vacation, where one is only limited by the power of their imagination. The thorough synopsis supports the author’s argument profoundly, and yet the embellishments are conveyed so beautifully, the vibrant details so vividly, it prompts the reader to formulate their own opinion. What results is an experience that will leave the read rejuvenated and inspired, albeit hungry for more.

Nick Nunziata has really outdone himself here. He has created a work of art more significant and profound then some of the finest work of his peers. It is one he can take great pride in, and a worthy contribution to his craft.    

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