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Tony Medley Insults With His Intelligence in “The Wolf of Wall Street”

In response to Tony Medley’s 731‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Tolucan Times

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There may be an intelligent and well-supported assessment within “The Wolf of Wall Street”. But if so, Tony Medley sure did his darndest to bury it under jargon. What results is an overly literate and pretentious diatribe that prefers to speak over, rather than to, the reader.

It is unfair to require the reader to have a translator when perusing a piece of this genre. But this seems to be what the author is asking here. Scarcely anything here is plain spoken. Instead, it is relayed in a sort of businessman’s tone, similar to the profession of the subject’s protagonist. However, at least the subject contains elements that counterbalance the seriousness with a generous amount of pleasure. This piece, on the other hand, is all business.

There’s nothing wrong with getting to the point, but it is important to make that point as digestible as possible. That means relaying it in a way that readers of all stripes can relate to, regardless of vocabulary ability. To speak in complex corporate terms limits the audience considerably, specifically to people with a corporate mindset. And even they may be turned off, as they will likely be looking for something that doesn’t remind them of their day job.  

Long story short, one should proceed at their own risk. This is not an accessible read by any means, and the reader should not approach it lightly. It may even behoove them to bring a spotter, lest the weight of the verbiage crush them like a hostile takeover.    

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