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Rich Cline’s “Prisoners” Reviews Surprises After Ugly Appearance

In response to Rich Cline’s 380‑word review of Prisoners on Shadows on the Wall

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At first glance, one may be turned off by the overall lackluster appearance of Rich Cline’s review, “Prisoners.” However, the critic delivers the goods with a thought-provoking and superbly written review. The initial shock of the web page is frightening indeed, but this is a classic example of why one cannot judge a review by its appearance.

The construction of “Prisoners” is tight. Cline offers five bountiful paragraphs of deep thoughts that would impress even a master of insight like Jack Handey.

By the end of the first paragraph of “Prisoners,“ the reader may sigh with that glowing feeling of recognizing that they’re in a for literary treat. The words of Cline move organically and capture one’s attention without trying to be profound.

Cline succeeds in “Prisoners“ by tackling a variety of themes  with exquisite insight. The subtle style of the critic shows a deep understanding of broader themes, subtext within the film and thoughtful analysis of the characters.

Rich Cline proves that he not only has vast cinematic knowledge, but also cares enough for his reader to make their experience worthwhile. The words are never over-bearing. Cline is a craftsman who knows how  to examine key aspects of the film by effectively conveying  his thoughts with crisp words.  “Prisoners“ should not be missed.     

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