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Peter Travers Is in Rare Form as He Takes on “Thor”

In response to Peter Travers’s 328‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Rolling Stone

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Veteran Peter Travers takes the old essay form—“say what you’re gonna say, say it, and say what you said“—and executes in the hilarious and entertaining “Thor: The Dark World.”

Only the rare review treats its audience to a bit of everything and bows out at its peak moment, which Thor: TDW does with a brisk readtime of 328 delightful words.

Thor: TDW starts out with a bang, a three-up, three-down first few sentences, characteristic of the style he’s developed. (Of all reviewers, he’s among the few who hit the point early, just in case the reader’s in a hurry and needs to catch the rest later.) Not that readers will want to exit in such a hurry: this work packs charm, sarcasm, deep criticism and flashes of praise.

And goodness, is it a fun ride.

Travers’s piece also includes those knowing bits of commentary in meta-moments that let filmmakers know what he expects his audience to pick up on: we get the gimmick. It’s a bold move, but a hallmark of his craft.

Plot-sketching is kept to a minimum, opinion thrills in sharp notes, and Travers exits as though brushing his hands off after a job well done: “You’ve been warned. My work here is done.”

Travers proves once again that he is among the most venerable of his craft—an auteur who not only commands respect, but continues justifying it. Thor: TDW is unquestionably the Thor review of the season.    

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