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John Gholson Writes the Rare Pre-Review in “Marvel Expert”

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John Gholson is an innovator. The critic has managed to write the rare pre-review with his latest work “Thor: The Dark World Review: Our Marvel Expert Weighs in from the Fan’s Perspective.” The Marvel Magician is clearly perplexed by the franchise’s latest offering, and appears  to be too flustered to deliver a proper critique.

Marvel Expert is a meditation on the Thor franchise, but fails to look deep into the film and provide insight for the audience.

The main problem of Marvel Expert is that Gholson references Chris Hemsworth and his title character once. How was the performance? How does the character interact with the others. One may be frightened by the thought that the “Marvel Expert” has fallen too deep into Marvel Limbo where technicalities reign over the idea of actual people.

All Gholson really does in Marvel Expert is explain that the film is bigger and provides more laughs than the original. The rest of the review consists of the critic contemplating future viewings, and how the film will fare in the long run.

Marvel Expert is an intriguing commentary on the franchise, but the work strays from thoroughly critiquing the film. The experience will make one feel educated on the idea of Thor, but not quite informed about who he is.    

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