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Justin Craig Is a Reviewer Unchained in “Movie Like This”

In response to Justin Craig’s 886‑word review of Gravity on

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Justin Craig doesn’t fool around in his latest creation, “Gravity: review: There has never been a movie like this.”

The less than subtle title of Movie Like This is blunt, and could potentially make some uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid, however, because the critic looks after the audience with a supremely stylish symphony of words that will enthuse and inspire.

Movie Like This opens with a Tarantino-like jump through time, which will appeal to the younger crowd, but also hook in the older cinephile with a terrific nod to the movies of old. The crafting of the intro will let one know who they are dealing with, and the feeling is indeed sublime.

Justin Craig delivers equal opportunities for all to enjoy in Movie Like This. The critic carefully moves from point to point, and is very thorough, looking at all aspects of productions, the achievements of the director and intellectually conveying why the individual importances are so crucial to a film such as this. If one doesn’t walk away with a higher IQ, it is surely because another browser was open.

Movie Like This succeeds with pure excitement via effecting phrasing, and the sense of wonder depicted in the spectacular words of Mr. Craig.    

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