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James Verniere’s “Feeling Hammered” Doesn’t Even Leave Audience Buzzed

In response to James Verniere’s 508‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Boston Herald

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The bits that are enjoyable aren’t analysis, and the bits of analysis aren’t enjoyable in James Verniere’s “‘Thor’ leaves viewers feeling hammered.”

In a sense this is one of those pieces that could have superseded the sum of its parts if its parts worked well; readers might conclude that Verniere, still delirious over his town’s recent World Series victory, is too delirious to offer anything substantial beyond recap, sweet recap.

The parts of Feeling Hammered that aren’t rote rehash are funny. Quite funny. In fact, this review suffers more from an absence of its creator’s voice than it does from a preponderance of it. Readers hoping for Verniere’s flair and personality, his style, are forced to settle for paragraphs’-worth of substance, and it’s just not enough.

Otherwise Feeling Hammered is a tough slog for readers who will desperately want to see the author—his perspicacity, his tight and witty analysis—in his review instead of an unremarkable “this-is-what-happened” approach, which comprises three quarters of the work.

If indeed “‘Thor’ leaves viewers feeling hammered,” Verniere’s response to the work doesn’t even leave viewers feeling buzzed. They will have expected more. They deserve more. No doubt, fans of his work will turn their attention to other reviews that offer more.    

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