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Ethan Alter’s “Prisoners: Lock This Movie Up” Drives the Metaphor Home

In response to Ethan Alter’s 925‑word review of Prisoners on Television Without Pity

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Ethan Alter’s ”Prisoners: Lock This Movie Up and Throw Away the Key” offers strong opinion with dramatic insights and stellar writing skills to back it all up. The reader must first forgive Alter his obliviousness to a basic spelling error in the first sentence and rest assured that this oversight is not recurrent.

While the profundity of this review may unnerve some, Alter is an extremely intelligent writer. He explains the driving metaphor of Prisoners with compelling ease. He demonstrates masterful proficiency at communicating the movie’s layers, contexts, and depth.

On the other hand, his first gripe with the movie is a bit obscure, which has the potential to completely deflate the reader to continue reading the review. Alter also seems to pick up Prisoners’ vibes that many movie watchers may not understand or care to understand.

For a movie Alter claims has little subtext, he certainly makes up for it with his review. Thankfully, he employs comic relief to balance the dense analysis, and then ends with a metaphorical bang that supports the strong opinion he communicated with the review title.

Alter is an outstanding, dynamic writer: a social-psychologist literary buff would love this review. But for mainstream readers, it has the potential to cause an aneurism.    

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