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Charles Koplinski’s “Kick-Ass 2’ Has Something to Say…” Slays

In response to Charles Koplinski’s 890‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Illinois Times

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Charles Koplinski Kick-Ass 2’ has something to say, violence aside” has the guts to take a positive approach to Kick-Ass 2, a rarity in a landscape full of scathing responses. That alone makes this review worth reading.  

As a lone voice in the wilderness, Koplinski’s review dares to say that Kick-Ass 2 was better than the original. Identity, not “What if Super Heroes Actually Existed?” is the key, Koplinski believes. Is it something you’re born with? If you have a choice, do you want the safety of anonymity? These are interesting issues that are addressed with skill and grace.  

Praise is given to the wrap up method of the first film. And we get sharp plot analysis that actually allows the audience to know why and how of Hit Girl and Kick-Ass’ development. There are character sketches of the ensemble that most reviewers ignore as being trite, but, in Koplinski’s hands, provide illumination.  

The review also disdains the use of violence, but with caveats that reveal how awake and thinking Koplinski was during these scenes. This is no hagiography. The director is spanked for his weaknesses, but also championed for his strength.

Koplinski’s review is that rare beast: substance over style. There is no attempt to wow the reader with snide comments, literary theory, social agendas, etc. Just a review that tried to understand on a film on its own terms instead of a Platonic idea.    

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