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Todd Gilchrist Puts in Overtime With “Review…”

In response to Todd Gilchrist’s 1092‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Comic Book Resources

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Todd Gilchrist’s “Review | Scorsese’s ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Tells Intoxicating Tale of Success, Excess” is a textual juggernaut that charges full-speed for so long, it nearly runs out of gas.

This piece is certainly not low on charm. It courses through the arteries of this piece like illegal chemicals in the bloodstream and goes directly to the head. No doubt, the reader will be helpless to resist the rush, as their mind fills with the irresistibly potent and captivating imagery of the world the author creates. Clever analogies and witty banter …. with himself maybe, but fun to witness nonetheless… only serve to spice up what is already a tasty dish for anyone fortunate enough to sink their fangs into. It ultimately amounts to a thoroughly satisfying and entertaining read.

If only the charm was enough to support the piece’s massive girth. Too much of a good thing can ultimately lead to sensory overload, and this piece proves it well before the so-so conclusion. Granted, there is still enough intrigue to keep the reader engaged, although the time investment coupled with the relentless intensity poses the risk of literary burnout.

Regardless, Gilchist presents a sound and persuasive argument here. It is easy to identify with his point of view, due to the supportive and instantly identifiable analogies he presents. And it is relayed so naturally and charismatically, the reader will feel like they are in a casual conversation with an old friend. No doubt, many will heed his advice as they would their closest confidante.

While it could use some trimming and tightening, there is far more to praise than reprimand in this piece. But no amount of words hammers the point home more effectively than perusing it for oneself. Therefore, the reader should do so with great haste.    

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