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Lack’s “Kick-Ass 2 Review” Gives a New Meaning to Overkill

In response to Jonathan Lack’s 2365‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on We Got This Covered

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If ever a reviewer needed their own personal diary, Jonathan Lack would be the prime candidate. Lack’s “Kick-Ass 2 Review” certainly does not lack an abundance of words, weighing in at a whopping 2365, but instead of an actual review, this reads more like a self-involved pity party.

Lack spends most of this review in whine-mode. Hell, he doesn’t even address the actual movie until two paragraphs in—he’s so hung up on this sequel’s precursor. It’s all about Lack and his feelings. He goes on and on about what the first film meant for him and how the second film just wasn’t the same.

He laments about certain characters and how they let him down as well. And let’s not forget what he thinks of the director. Cry me a river already.

The images from the film that accompany the review make sense in a very meta-sense. The looks on the faces of Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl seem to be asking Lack, “What are you even going on about??”

Lack’s review on this movie is pure overkill. He breaks it down way too much. Lack’s writing reads more like a compare/contrast paper for a high school class than a movie review. Unless you are Lack’s teacher, don’t bother reading this monster.    

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