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Michael Rechtshaffen’s “Cloudy 2” Review Covers the Basics

In response to Michael Rechtshaffen’s 542‑word review of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on Hollywood Reporter

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Michael Rechtshaffen is back in action with his latest work, “Cloud with a Chance of Meatballs 2: Film Review”, which is a fun read, but not entirely ground-breaking.

The overall presentation of the page is spectacular, and the reader’s eye will briefly be distracted from the review by the overall glory of the page. This is the life of a stylized website.

The opening paragraph doesn’t necessarily hook the reader with a bold statement, however Rechtschaffen notes that the sequel may take a back seat to the original in regards to action. Despite a step back in cinematic form, the critic is keen to note that audiences will surely be entertained and the profits will be monumental for studios.

In the rather thin middle section, Rechtshaffen briefly covers the main plot points along with a minor spoiler. This inadvertent error may not be a problem for the masses, but perhaps a few dedicated fans will find the reveal offensive and heart-breaking.

In the end, 2: Film Review by Michael Rechtshaffen is a well-written and tight offering to the world of film, however there is little that stands-out. The mediocre middle section may prove to be upsetting to the casual reader, but the overall composition is sturdy and strong.    

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