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Colin Covert’s “Stallone, Schwarzenegger Team Up” Is Missing Details

In response to Colin Covert’s 436‑word review of Escape Plan on Minneapolis Star Tribune

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Colin Covert’s “Stallone, Schwarzenegger team up in ‘Escape Plan’” doesn’t aim high, but it still falls somewhat short, providing a review that covers the high points of the film while glossing over some of the lower points that led to a not-stellar score.

Covert makes Escape Plan sound almost unassailable. He praises the film’s direction, its sly political undercurrents, and its acting. Well, to be fair, he never outright praises the acting, but he sure makes it sound fun. And he doesn’t criticize it, either, nor does he criticize any other aspect of the film.

That’s what makes it so jarring when he takes a jab at the film with a plastic fork analogy in the review’s closing paragraph. Not only that, but he gives it a less-than-glowing score on his four-star scale. What gives? What about the film didn’t he like? That part is never really made clear.

It is this failure by Covert to fully communicate his opinions on the film that ultimately makes Stallone, Schwarzenegger team up a disappointing piece of film criticism. It would work fine as a positive review if he left out the score and the final paragraph. That sudden left turn at the end, though, is likely to leave readers scratching their heads.    

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