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“World, Reviewed” by Will Leitch Is Good but Could Have Been Grr-Reat!

In response to Will Leitch’s 792‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Deadspin

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It’s difficult to not like Will Leitch’s “Hammer Of The Gods: Thor: The Dark World, Reviewed. The writing is good, the structure is outstanding and it’s an overall entertaining read. Despite the pleasant nature, Leitch makes general observations and ultimately spins a tale about the “Whedon-ization” of the film.

World, Reviewed makes an argument with each paragraph, and delivers with thin analysis. It all seems a bit obvious, but the structure is so crisp that Leitch makes it all work. It’s quite strange.

The effort of Will Leitch is admirable but he finds several ways to say that the film is a good time. The logic of the plot is detailed in one thick paragraph, and while the points are solid, one may already expect a Marvel flick to be a bit loose on plot. However, the critic makes his argument and backs it up.

Leitch closes World, Reviewed with a few thoughts on the battle sequences, but never once does he mention director Alan Taylor, which speaks volumes for the review as a whole. The critic explains why Thor’s humor drives the film, but the overall analysis never moves to the next level.

The opening paragraph is strong, Leitch conveys the importance of humor throughout and makes several Joss Whedon connections. It’s a good review, but not great.

World, Reviewed shows a tremendous amount of respect for the reader, but Leitch’s work could have been improved with a deeper investigation of characters and plot devices. Tough love for a fine review.    

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