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Chris Sawin’s “Over Stuffed” Is Solid on All Fronts but Isn’t Epic

In response to Chris Sawin’s 862‑word review of The Counselor on

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Chris Sawin’s latest piece of art, “The Counselor review: Over stuffed and meaningless,” is entertaining, but not quite worthy of its own gallery room.

Over Stuffed provides a clear statement as to the film’s worth in the title, but the review jumps right into a summary of the film. Sawin’s work could have used an introductory paragraph to welcome the reader, and gently guide them into analysis dreamland. Instead, a general synopsis is provided without any sizzle.

The next paragraph of Over Stuffed is important as Sawin discusses the death of Ridley Scott’s brother, and how that may have affected the film. It’s a bold point to make, and audiences should be pleased by the critic’s brave commentary.

Character analysis is what keeps Over Stuffed from becoming truly outstanding. Sawin teases with vague statements that might seem funny for one who has seen the film, but not so much for the general reader. The critic briefly touches on each character, which helps the review, but is clearly not interested in seriously breaking down the plot or the overall importance of the roles.

In fact, The Counselor, Michael Fassbender, is only addressed by Sawin with a brief examination of his snot acting. Enjoy that. However, Sawin does try hard to please his readers with entertaining writing that successfully gives them a general sense of the film.

Over Stuffed is a good review, and definitely worth reading. One will walk away satisfied, but dream of a classic Sawin epic.    

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