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Donald Clark’s “Catching Fire” Flames Out Early

In response to Donald Clarke’s 355‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Irish Times

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Donald Clarke’s “Film review—The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is just a little too short for its own good. At 355 words long, it is only just starting to find its footing before it is abruptly and unceremoniously over.

Not every film review has to be a massive tome, of course, but reviews this short had better make a strong case in a short amount of time.  Catching Fire fails to do so. Its criticism is anemic and unconvincing, and the prose is not pithy enough to make a strong impression.

One gets the impression that had he given himself more space to work with, Clarke might have crafted a much finer review. His writing flows well and is blessedly free of typos and grammatical errors. But without spending the time and energy to really address the finer points of the movie in detail, Clark short-changes not only the reader but himself as well.

For a review of a film with “Fire” in the title, Catching Fire is bound to leave readers cold. It’s an unfortunate irony for what could have been a high quality film review if it had just been fleshed out a bit, but ends up being utterly forgettable instead.    

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