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Hannah Mcgill’s “I Give It a Year” Gets Up Close and Personal

In response to Hannah McGill’s 317‑word review of I Give It a Year on The List

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Hannah McGill’s “I Give it a Year” is a real scorcher. From the opening line until the finish, the words just drip with raw emotion. There is absolutely no question about whether she wants the readers to check this movie out or not.

Her sentence structures are free-flowing and undeniably entertaining—if only for the novelty of her embittered views. Reading this is sure to convince readers one way or another on their perspective of this film. She doesn’t mince words and reading them is almost a guilty pleasure.

McGill’s tone itself is consistent and makes reading this review feel nice. What throws it off is her tendency to tree-branch. She includes a lot of tangents here that go off in many directions and weaken the focus of the review.

Reading this review is akin to reading a tabloid paper at times, with personal attacks on certain actors in the film. Her words hit below the belt from time to time and they take away from the integrity of this review.

McGill’s needs to learn to keep the focus where it belongs, on the final product—not on anyone’s “upper lip” and perhaps this review would have earned a few more stars.    

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