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Amon Warmann’s “Ender’s Game Review” Scores High

In response to Amon Warmann’s 473‑word review of Ender’s Game on HeyUGuys

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If life in the future is one big video game, then Amon Warmann would be the “King of Kong” of reviewers. Reading his work is pure delight. Seldom do you come across an author with such verbal aptitude. He somehow managed to embody, succinctly, the subject matter while simultaneously charming the hearts and minds of his audience in the process. His empathetic and utterly unbiased approach to this subject scores highly throughout, never losing the reader’s interest. Even those who disagree with his viewpoint will find themselves unable to pull away.

Finding the right words to convey your subject is no easy business. It is an art that separates the truly great writers from legends like Warmann. His passage takes all of a minute to read, but it’s sheer brilliance. Good things come in small packages, and great things leave you wanting more. Then there’s works like this that not only enlighten, they inspire.

Even his condemnation is intriguing, maybe more so than his praise. He alternates between the two as smoothly as a surefooted ship captain riding out a squall. It’s like falling asleep to a thunder storm.

Similar reviews may exist, but none conveyed as masterfully and with such pinpoint accuracy as Warmann’s. He not only wins the battle, but the war as well.    

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