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Kristian Harloff’s “Nebraska” Stars Shia Labeouf?

In response to Kristian Harloff’s 198‑word review of Nebraska on Schmoes Know

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Kristian Harloff, one half of the duo at Shmoes Know, lets confusion reign in his “Nebraska review (by the Schmoes).”

Now, these guys are known as the premier purveyors of punography and all things testicular on the world wide webs, but here they channel Andy Kaufman more than Alfred E. Neuman.

The video on their purported Nebraska Review page begins with a witty banter about how to pronounce actor Shia Labeouf’s name. Strange, you might say. Labeouf isn’t in Nebraska. Maybe this is going somewhere.

“The film is about a man who goes to Budapest…” No, that’s not right either.

Okay, so this is either a joke on the audience or a publishing gaffe by the usually fastidiously diligent Schmoes, because this video has nothing to do with Alexander Payne’s latest flick.

Fortunately, there’s a written paragraph here which appears to have something to do with the correct film.  

Unfortunately, it’s not very good. First, it’s miniscule. Like, mosquito genitalia small. Second, the writing is clumsy and the grammar sloppy (it’s is not equal to its). Last, but certainly not least, the critiques are sparse and the ones that are there are superficial.

Look, these guys aren’t scribes. They’re lovable goof balls with a camera and Final Cut Pro. Their video reviews translate a lot better (when they’re there).    

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