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Peter Canavese Shuts It Down in “Grouch Gravity”

In response to Peter Canavese’s 449‑word review of Gravity on Groucho Reviews

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Peter Canavese delivers a superbly written and poignant crafting in his latest artistic endeavor, “Groucho Reviews: Gravity.” The critic’s attention to the power of the written word is glorious. Prepare yourself.

Groucho Gravity opens with a terrific paragraph that will grasp the attention of the reader, and prime them for a ride through they will never forget. Canavese produces a splendid nod to the past in and creates a moody setting through a dynamic display of visuals and modern poetry. The precision of the words is spellbinding.

Groucho Gravity won’t blow any minds with an in-depth character analysis, however the writing of Canavese adds some spunk and raises intriguing questions about the lead.

Readers will pleased by the way Canavese communicates to his audience in regard to director Alfonso Cuaron. Phrasing like “advances the art” will surely excite the reader, and the critic also provides a balanced look at the quality of the film. “The Canavese Style”, as it is now known, is quickly becoming a fan favorite and will inspire “the slow clap” during the reading experience.

The closing remarks of Groucho Gravity will touch the reader, and Peter Canavese succeeds with a work that is truly crafted for the loyal fans.    

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