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Christy Lemire’s “Nebraska” Is Inspiring and Heartfelt Criticism

In response to Christy Lemire’s 801‑word review of Nebraska on

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Christy Lemire’s “Nebraska”  is the type of review that gets audiences and readers out of their houses and into the multiplexes. With her dazzling prose and excellent analytical skill Lemire weaves a web of intrigue that Charlotte would be envious of.

In an anything but procedural fashion the critic enlivens her text utilizing bold language that jumps off the page like a rabid frog. The writer fills in the little details of scenes and adds just enough character to a setting so as to make one feel as if they are sitting and watching particular scenes from the  film. Lemire’s tour guide approach pushes the audience to the edge of the canyon without pushing them in.  

Lemire often questions the director’s intentions and, especially given the subjects of the film, it is both an interesting and bothersome question. This of course stems from the fact that in either case the themes presented in the movie can shift vastly based in regard to the tone of the director, be it heartfelt affection or vitriolic criticism.

Lemire’s Nebraska is art taking on art; the critic treats her prose as a subject of reverence in and of itself, all the while remembering the intention of her piece. A marvelous write up and stand alone composition, Lemire has created a textual experience that enlivens the senses.    

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