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Mark Dujsik Writes the Cliffs Notes in “Out of the Furnace”

In response to Mark Dujsik’s 875‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Mark Reviews Movies

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There’s trouble brewing right out of the gate for Mark Dujsik in his review, “OUT OF THE FURNACE.” When you have to reread the first sentence six times to suss out its meaning, it doesn’t bode well for the piece as a whole.  

And, while Dujsik’s prose corrects itself (ever so slightly—there’s no where to go but up), his critique never does.

The bulk of this lengthy review is a tediously drawn out description of the plot and an even more banal rundown of the characters’ internal motivations at every point along the way. Readers are asked to slog through 703 words of seemingly endless psuedo psychological ruminations about  how “Rodney can’t accept his predicament” and “it’s regret that fuels” the characters now.

Not only does this exceedingly dull babbling not qualify as legitimate critique, it’s obliviously plodding down the highway toward Spoilerville.

Dujsik seems intent on writing the film’s Cliffs Notes, giving readers as detailed a summary as he can muster and, in the process, giving away at least half the movie.

He does eventually get to some criticism (look for two little paragraphs at the end—they’re easy to miss), but neglects to mention the actor’s performance, the direction and almost every other requisite point of critique.    

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