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“Grow Up, Susie” by Rob Thomas Is Fundamentally Sound

In response to Rob Thomas’s 623‑word review of Gravity on Madison Movie

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Rob Thomas is a savvy veteran and proves it with “Gravity: Still want to be an astronaut when you grow up, Susie?” The critic delivers a strong performance, but not and unforgettable one. Readers will feel satisfied with the outcome, but not moved.

The opening statement of Grow Up, Susie is a rather boring one, and will tempt readers to check their e-mails while reading. Thomas moves on from there with a mild opinion on the film. Readers may move on to checking Facebook at this point.

Grow Up, Susie offers the reader a general description of the plot, and Thomas takes great pains not to reveal the actor behind mission control. It’s a confusing gesture to say the least, since he has no such compunction about planting images in the reader’s head regarding the final shot of the film. The logic that drives Thomas’ revelations is flawed to say the least.

Grow Up, Susie reaches its peak with its commentary on director Alfonso Cuaron and his work with the camera. Thomas provides interesting visuals, but once again, nothing that stands out. It’s like hitting a buzzer-beating jumpshot while losing by 20 points.

Rob Thomas will please loyal fans with a brief, but notable remark on the film’s flaws, and the character analysis is smart, if unsubstantial.  Grow Up, Susie will sadly fall in the middle of the pack. Thomas offers the basics with solid writing, but not much more.    

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