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Anders Wright’s “Film Review: The Counselor” Is All Plot and No Depth

In response to Anders Wright’s 572‑word review of The Counselor on San Diego Union-Tribune

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Anders Wright’s latest work entitled ”Film Review: The Counselor” is the worst kind of disappointment; it teases with a rich detailed rendering of plot, but feels empty at its center. It never truly provides a true glimpse of its maker’s soul.

This unsatisfying work begins with brief introductions to the characters woven into the tale. But Wright never digs deeper. He only provides a fleeting glance of these highly sympathetic figures and is ready to move on without sharing anything about their inner lives, their passions, their dreams.

Wright introduces the reader to such cardboard cut-outs as Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Michael Fassbender and director Ridley Scott then speedily moves on to the perfunctory plot. One that has unfolded a million times before: a gifted cast of movie stars find themselves trapped in a flop that doesn’t suit their abilities.

Wright’s Review: The Counselor might have fared better with a more fresh plot or more detailed characters, but it winds up being a lazy exercise in color-by-numbers reviewmaking. He has nothing to say and he says it poorly.

Review lovers seeking a well-crafted, clever work of heartbroken disappointment would be well advised to pass on Review: The Counselor.    

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