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Jorgenson’s “Capsule Reviews for Aug. 9” Cuts Right to the Chase

In response to Todd Jorgenson’s 114‑word review of I Give It a Year on

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In just 4 short sentences, Todd Jorgenson’s “Capsule reviews for Aug. 9: I Give it a Year” pulls off what many more long-winded reviews have failed to do: offer a relevant assessment, a swift synopsis, and an outline of the scope of the film’s effectiveness.

Cinemalogue presents itself well, with a stylish typeface and a modern design. The compound all-in-one review format is often tiresome, but “Capsule reviews for Aug. 9” makes the best of the whitespace it has, making it fairly easy to spot the I Give It A Year Review you arrived for.

The site tagline does put a quizzical spin on the review, though. If the critic “went into this movie expecting to hate it, and for the most part, did,” the seething hatred one might be prepared for could be unsettling in contrast to the reported “big laughs” and “emotional payoff” experienced by Jorgenson. Its as if the review was written by Jorgenson, while the tagline was written by a nameless editor who failed to do his job.

Those anticipating detailed constructive analysis or a comprehensive exposition of viewer-centric expectations and recommendations ought best look elsewhere. But for those time-sensitive readers who want to cut right to the chase, “Capsule reviews for Aug. 9: I Give it a Year” delivers.    

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