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Peter Rainer’s “‘Gravity’” Goes From Bad to Good With Language Effects

In response to Peter Rainer’s 541‑word review of Gravity on Christian Science Monitor

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Peter Rainer’s “‘Gravity’ goes galactic with effects” goes full circle from bad to excellent. Rainer begins the review with an odd turn of phrase that may cause a good head shake. Shortly thereafter, a rather alarming grammar mistake is made, but thankfully, the review gets better and better as it goes along.

Rainer’s writing has an entrancingly mundane style that gives just enough spice and information to produce a strangely pleasurable reading experience.

He is sober in his appraisal of the movie, being very careful to balance positives with negatives, and while he diverges into pretentious intergalactic imponderables at times, it’s not enough to dissuade potential readers from reading his review.

One might wonder if Rainer has a celebrity complex when arriving at the strange passage where he reveals thinking that seeing familiar actors in Gravity roles is jarring, but it’s best for the reader to move past this strange detour and into the more insightful and relevant content in galactic with effects.

Perhaps the point is that even the best and worst of reviews can be either yawning or exciting to reading audiences, depending on their perspectives going in, or so the writing voice of Rainer tells us. To avoid dramatic histrionics, the review is mediocre. If not imaginatively, it will keeps you reading until the end.    

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