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Beth Accomando Talks Oscars in “Gravity” but Not Much About Film

In response to Beth Accomando’s 458‑word review of Gravity on

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Beth Accomando is unaccommodating to her precious audience with her latest, “Review: ‘Gravity. ‘”

Like so many Gravity reviews, the critic breaks out the big “O” but fails to offer sufficient information for interested readers to contemplate.

The opening of Review provides the usual “simple premise” take, but succeeds with graceful words that will pull in the reader in ever so slightly.

Accomando appears to be on a beautiful path of insight in the beefy second section of Review, however the commentary on the techniques of director Alfonso Cuaron will quickly bore.

Just when readers will hope to find a comprehensive take on characters, Accomando stays clear of any meaningful analysis on the cast. The feeling of space is briefly noted but not the intimacy which seems to be key to the argument.

The final paragraph of Review comes across as a lot of words on 3D that essentially say the same thing over and over. Statements like “He also employs the 3D well” don’t effectively communicate the experience to the reader.

Review has potential with a remarkable header image and tight writing, however the critic seems like she is trying to fill up space by only conveying the basics. Loyal fans will likely grimace, and hope Accomando can bring it with her next review.    

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